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All communities have their own unique identity but we think ours is just a little bit special.



ON AIR: 6pm-8pm
SHOW: Alextravaganza
YOU’LL HEAR: The “What’s On” Diary, indie pop, current hits, classic noughties, and bad puns.

Every Thursday evening on Caithness FM I focus on bad puns and Scrabble jokes.
I play a mix of indie rock, modern pop and cheesy 90s tunes.
Requests are most welcome.


ON AIR: 8pm-9pm
SHOW: Caithness Country Connections
YOU’LL HEAR: Modern country music.


ON AIR: 9pm-11pm
SHOW: Future Legends
YOU’LL HEAR: Contemporary and Progressive Rock Music, Motown and much more.

I’ve been with Caithness FM since 1993 over two RSL’s (Restricted Service Licences) and full time since April 1998.

Acts you can expect to hear on Future Legends vary from Marillion, Pink Floyd, through to Rod Stewart, 10,000 Maniacs and David Bowie.

Future Legends takes its name from the opening track on David Bowie’s “Diamond Dogs” album in its plural form, you should tune in on 106.5 your ears will love you for it.

I was a broadcaster and the chairman with Radio Remedy, the in-house station based in Caithness General Hospital, sadly now off-air.

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